What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a type of digital marketing done through platforms like Google Ads, Bing and Facebook. You (the advertiser) will only pay for clicks, or when a user clicks through to your landing page. It's a way of buying organic traffic to your website and earning visitors, like SEO.

If you're looking for a fast return on investment (ROI), you'll want to consider this option.

Beranus is a leading PPC agency that focuses on your success. Whether you want to increase traffic, conversions to your website, or both, our PPC management services can help you reach those goals.

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is one of the best and fastest ways to target your targeted audience. It allows you to reach them where they’re already looking, and stay ahead of competitors.


Our PPC management clients can expect the following services:

Our Pay Per Click Services:

Comprehensive keyword research
We ensure you appear for the RIGHT searches by completing thorough keyword research beforehand, and viewing your campaign’s performance closely throughout.
Effective ad creation
We work together to produce the most effective ads that get high conversions and bring in more revenue.
Landing page conversion optimization
If need be, we will create a landing page on your site only to receive the visitors that have clicked through from your PPC ads. This will give us the privilege to create a page specifically tailored to sell, as opposed to serve the multiple purposes your site was designed for.
Split testing and comparison of ads
We’ll set up comparisons to test the effectiveness of each ads. This will allow us to improve content and maximize the conversion rate.
PPC mini-campaigns
Let us target your country, city, or even block with ads, or set up a small campaign specially designed to push one specific service or product.
Proof of ROI through detailed reporting
There are some amazing tools for tracking data built into Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other PPC services. We give you a detailed report monthly so you can see the progress.